Griffin Photo Workshop

WOW! Have I not updated any photos in quite some time. So I have a huge back log of images that I could be posting here and just not sure why I haven’t. So today I came across an old shoot I did with our good friend David Griffin, he supplied the models and we supplied the studio and lighting. Here are a few snaps I took, as soon as I remember everybody’s name I’ll update the post.

Female Model 1 = ??
Female Model 2 = Olunbumi
Male Model = Jason Soaris

Nov. 11 – Photography Lighting Workshop

photography workshop - learn studio lighting

Lighting Workshop at Smash Photo Studio
Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009

We are continuing our “Introduction to Studio Lighting” series, a 2 hour basic lighting workshop covering some easy to use lighting techniques using professional studio equipment. This class will be the taught by two instructors; Bill Schutt/Smash Photo, Dave Fieling/Dave Fieling Photography, and David Griffin/David Griffin Photography

Topics to be discussed
– Mostly focusing on strobe lighting, some discussion of constant lighting
– Using a light modifier [softboxes, umbrellas & more]
– Reading a light meter
– White Balance
and a few other random bits of useful information

By the end of the workshop you will be able to walk into most any studio situation and be able to shoot away with confidence.


Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009
7PM to 9PM
LOW FEE $20 [entry fee includes a coupon for $10 off Smash Photo studio rental time]
*Fee will be collected at the door, cash only please.

Reservation strongly encouraged, class size is limited. To reserve go to our contact page and send us an email or call us at 310-807-5752.

Additional Information

Photos and description of the studio space
Dave Fieling Photography
David of David Griffin Photography, Los Angeles, CA | Bill of Smash Photo Studio in Long Beach, CA – photos taken by your instructors.

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