STUDIO LIGHTING 101 on Wed. 10/14
Sorry to report but tonights’ workshop has been canceled.

– Bill

Time to Twitter

Attention legions of avid followers my 4 blog readers, I have a twitter account. Big whoopie, I know but if you are interested in following the not so exciting world that I call my life then have a look over here –

Most of my tweets are of a personal nature, but occasionally something related to photography, studio, location photography might show up.

As for Shirley, it is very unlikely that you will see her on Twitter anytime soon. She prefers playing her scrabble/word games too much.

Monster Lighting Workshop a huge success

We had a great turn out for the Monster Lighting Tactics II Workshop this past weekend. I don’t think we could have squeezed another person in, the place was packed wall-to-wall with photographers and models. This was only the second of David Griffin’s workshops but for sure won’t be the last. David really pulled out all, or maybe most of the tricks. If he had another 100 hours maybe then he could have covered all the photography lighting topics in his head.

Be sure to be on the lookout for his next workshop!

Started to see a few of the photos posted by attendees on flickr, very exciting and in addition to that some creative people judging by what I have seen in the pool and various personal streams. (note: small amount of personal jealousy)

Many thanks to all who attended, the models and Monica for her great makeup and hair.

Models: Jason, Kevin, Jeanine, & Tiffany
Makeup: Monica

Happy Turkey Day!

Friends, family and good times what more can you ask for. We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Regards Smash Photo
– Bill, Shirley & Chelsea