It’s All Shiny & New Around Here

It’s been quite awhile since my last update to the blog, the web site, twitter feed… or just about anywhere online, not even so much as ping from me in quite some time.

That’s all changed now!

We have just launched our new main web site tonight. Must be all the coffee I’m drinking these days, but I’m burning up the hours with work and it feels great!

The new site might will have a few bugs in the system. I’ll try and get them worked out as I find them. For the most part, its all up and working (as far as I know). If you do come across a broken link, button, or find another problem please contact me and I’ll get it sorted out.

Be sure to check out:

  1. the updated portfolios; Products, People, Graduates.
  2. And the studio rental page now features an online booking calendar.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you. From all of us at Smash Photo Studio, Thank You for your support in 2011. We hope 2012 will be an even better year for you.

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July! Have a safe and fun day celebrating the birth of the United States of America.

Studio open for business as usual

Greetings All!

We are now ready for business as usual and are looking forward to serving as your rental studio again!

Currently in the process of returning all the phone calls and emails. Please be patient as we will get to you shortly.

Studio Closed March 10 – March 20

Studio will be closed between March 10 and March 20. We will be unable to respond to emails and phone calls during this time. Service will resume and we will respond to inquires after March 20.

Thank You,
Bill & Shirley Schutt

Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing all those special women we call Mom, a very happy Mother’s Day.

Now I can guilt my daughter into cleaning the house today.

Griffin Photo Workshop

WOW! Have I not updated any photos in quite some time. So I have a huge back log of images that I could be posting here and just not sure why I haven’t. So today I came across an old shoot I did with our good friend David Griffin, he supplied the models and we supplied the studio and lighting. Here are a few snaps I took, as soon as I remember everybody’s name I’ll update the post.

Female Model 1 = ??
Female Model 2 = Olunbumi
Male Model = Jason Soaris

Style, Pose, Click Photography & Modeling Expo

Hey Everyone! Come on down to what is going to be one of the biggest and best Photography and Modeling networking events in Southern California.
Continue reading ‘Style, Pose, Click Photography & Modeling Expo’

New Model Jason Soaris signs with LA Models

Congratulations Jason!
Jason, we wish you much continued success in your modeling and acting career. It is always great having you at our studio. Oh and yes, that is our photo featuring Jason from a head shot photo session taken at the Smash Photo Studio, so maybe we had something to do with Jason getting signed *pats self on back*.

Model Jason Soaris signs with LA Models

Model Jason Soaris signs with LA Models

11/23: Beginner Photography Studio Lighting & Strobist Workshop – ONLY $20

Lighting Workshop at Smash Photo Studio, Monday Nov. 23, 2009

An Introduction to Studio Lighting, a 2 hour basic lighting workshop covering some easy to use lighting techniques using professional studio equipment. This class will be the taught by professional instructors; Bill Schutt/Smash Photo, Dave Fieling/Dave Fieling Photography, and David Griffin/David Griffin Photography

Topics to be discussed
NEW! – Using small battery powered flashes, aka: speedlight, hot-shoe flash, or STROBIST techniques.
- Constant lighting and strobe lighting
- Light modifier [softboxes, umbrellas, and more]
- Reading a light meter
- White Balance
and a few other random bits of useful information

By the end of the workshop you will have some basic studio lighting information and will be able to shoot away with confidence.

Monday Nov. 23, 2009
7PM to 9PM
LOW FEE $20 [entry fee includes a coupon for $10 off Smash Photo studio rental time]
*Fee will be collected at the door, cash only please.

Reservation strongly encouraged, class size is limited.
To reserve go to our contact page and send us an email or call us at 310-807-5752.

Additional Information
Photos and description of the studio space
Dave Fieling Photography
David of David Griffin Photography, Los Angeles, CA | Bill of Smash Photo Studio in Long Beach, CA – photos taken by your instructors.

Smash Photo Rental Studio in Long Beach, CA offers monthly workshops and gatherings, join our mailing list to stay updated Smash Photo Studio Mailing List Page.

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